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See below for our content calendar: 

  • Leading Through Communication in Times of Crisis (10/16, 1PM EST)
  • When A Crisis Hits Is Not the Time to Plan (11/13, 1PM EST)
  • How to Survive a Social Media Fire: the Good, Bad and Ugly (12/18, 1PM EST)
  • Crisis Communication in the Age of Social Media (1/15, 1PM EST)
  • Crisis Communication Goal: Prevent Harm to Stakeholders (2/19, 1PM EST)
  • Preparing for and Working with Media in a School Crisis (3/19, 1PM EST)
  • The Columbine Tragedy: 20 Years Later (4/16, 1PM EST)
  • A Parent’s Guide to School Crisis Response (5/21, 1PM EST)
  • Crisis Communications Principles that School Emergencies Taught Us (6/4, 1PM EST)

About the Speaker

rickk2-2Rick J. Kaufman, APR, is a nationally respected consultant, trainer, and author on crisis management and communication. Rick led the Crisis Response Team for the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999, and continues to work with school districts across the country to manage and recover from school violence incidents.